PhD Symposium - Signaling Hubs - Kahlenberg Wien - 12.06.2015


All biological processes are guided by networks of decisive factors. An organized interplay of these factors is the basis of any seemingly simple output in biology, be it the directed movement of single cells towards a stimulus or a locally confined inflammation after injury. In order to get to the desired output, inputs have to be processed and organized in a controlled way.

Who brings order into this signaling chaos? Where do signals coalesce in complex biological networks? And what goes wrong if central hubs of a hierarchical network don’t work as they should?

During our two-day symposium we want to tackle these questions with the help of top international researchers from different fields of the life sciences. Overlooking the city of Vienna from Kahlenberg we will have talks by senior scientists and PhD students. We will share our science during poster sessions and panel discussions on selected topics.

We hope to bring a bit of clarity into several complex organizational aspects of biology and to give a new point of view on some of the mechanisms of life.

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Kahlenberg Wien